Natural Energy Healing with Kinesiology

De-Stress & Energy Restore

De-Stress & Energy Restore

Naturally feel more energised and de-stressed with this energy balance that focuses on your chakras, meridians and sound healing. Chakras can be imagined as wheels of energy that are located in different areas of the body, they are like power stations in our body. Meridians are like energetic pathways in our body that allow energy to flow. Illness, diet, our thoughts, stress & environment can all have a negative impact on our chakras & meridians causing blockages in our energy flow, leaving us feeling depleted. 

Kinesiology is a wonderful way to reset your nervous system, spring clean your chakras & meridians to clear any blockages, and to allow your energy (Qi) or life force to flow. Without optimising our energy, our body cannot function at it’s optimal level. It is chronic stress that can cause a dysregulated nervous system and it is integral to release stress naturally in order to support long term health.

This session will re-set, re-align and balance your energy.

Watch this video to learn more about energy work in Kinesiology: