Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing – £55 (1hr)

If you’re just not sure what foods/spices/drinks are triggers for your bloating, or headaches, or stomach ache, or you’ve tried a food diary but still perplexed what food it is you are sensitive too, then a Food Sensitivity Testing session is the solution for you.

So how does Food Sensitivity Testing work?

Well I use a comprehensive Food, Herb & Drinks testing kit alongside testing your muscle response to understand what your body, or your gut is showing a sensitivity too. You can also bring along specific foods/spices/drinks that you consume for me to test on you, this is of course a bespoke therapy session for you!

Why is Food Sensitivity Testing important for my health?

If you are showing a sensitivity to a food, there is very likely a imbalance in your gut health. Gut health is integral to our overall well-being, as over 70% of our immune system resides in our gut. By identifying the food/s that are causing a inflammatory response in our gut, is a very important first step in addressing or supporting our gut health.

What will I receive in my Food Sensitivity Session?

You will leave with a list of what food/s, spices, drinks to limit or avoid for the next 4 weeks alongside additional lifestyle & nutritional food advice. My stance on food sensitivity testing is to highlight what is depleting you energetically right now, and to see you again in 4-5 weeks time to re-assess that list alongside the root cause of your sensitivity/allergy. For example it may be a leaky gut that needs nutritional support to heal & negate the initial food sensitivity or a need for a specific probiotic to improve your microbiome.

The follow up session will be 1 hour long, and will be a thorough check on all areas that address your gut health. You will also receive a follow up email containing a full summary of your follow up session, alongside lifestyle & nutritional advice, to further support you.

The cost & duration of a Food Sensitivity Testing Session:

The FST session will be a total of 40 minutes long, including an email summarising the session. The session costs £45.

A recommended follow up 4-5weeks later to address the root cause of your food sensitivity will be 1 hour long at £55.

The Food Sensitivity Testing is also included in the REVIVE experience, read more here, for the ultimate well-being experience to support your health naturally.


Food Sensitivity Test Kit