Kinesiology for kids

Kinesiology for Kids

Kinesiology for Kids

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Kinesiology is a wonderful way to help address issues with a child’s sleep, digestion, learning, concentration, food sensitivities, low immunity, co-ordination, anxiety & stress. Nutritional & Emotional support is often key to helping support children & Kinesiology can help identify personalised nutrition for your child. Kinesiology uses surrogate testing via a parent/guardian, if the child is too young or unable. If the child is capable of muscle testing, then a surrogate is not required, but still requires your presence.

I will help to identify food & drinks your child is showing a sensitivity too. As well as child appropriate nutrition and foods to include to help alleviate your child’s symptoms.

I really love working with children, they are so interested in Kinesiology and respond so well to a session. I know first hand how Kinesiology can help children. Both my children had leaky guts & food sensitivities, which by using Kinesiology testing I was able to identify the foods to avoid and the priority nutrition they needed to help heal their guts. This helped build up their immune system helping them to avoid getting sick as well as being highly sensitive to certain foods.

Children are very responsive to Kinesiology, and by following my advice I usually recommend 1-2 sessions. If there is a specific fear/trauma/phobia to work through this may take additional sessions.

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