revive holistic health treatment

Revive Experience

Revive Experience

Revive Well-being Treatment

This is your ultimate well-being experience to hit RESET on your health. You will feel more calm, energised, & de-stressed to journey to a happier, healthier you! This is a thorough natural therapy session to raise your vitality so you can begin to thrive.

Your restorative holistic health experience will include:

Food Sensitivity Testing

De-stress & Energy re-set

Bespoke Supplement Test

→ Lifestyle & Nutrition Advice PDF (unique to you)

→ 7 Day Nourishing Food & Recipe Plan

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Your Revive Treatment in Detail

This restorative experience includes food sensitivity testing where I test an extensive list of foods, herbs & drinks on your body to  & additional support you may need like probiotics to support your microbiome. Read more here.

You will then have a de-stress energy reset where I will balance your energy systems and any stress held within your chakra and meridians using crystals, vibrational flower essences & tuning forks which are wonderful sound healing tools that emit vibrational energy that will calm & restore you. Read more about this energy balance here.

Lastly you will have a supplement support check. Supplement support testing will identify  the specific nutrition (vitamins, minerals & essential fats) that is in your highest interest to take to improve your health and well-being. Supplements recommended are sourced from high quality Read more here.

In addition you will receive a full summary of your session with me, alongside lifestyle & nutrition recommendations together with a 7 day nourishing food plan, full of delicious recipes to help balance your blood sugars & prevent cravings.

The revive experience is available to you in person or online. Read about Kinesiology online here.

This offer is worth £225, but I’m offering it at £149, a great saving to you, simply secure your place with a £49 deposit by scanning the QR code, or clicking HERE, & I’ll get you booked in For January 2024 for your revive experience.  I look forward to meeting you for your REVIVE treatment!

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