Kinesiology in Leicestershire



Frequently asked questions about kinesiology

What can I expect from a Kinesiology session?

We will discuss your full case health history, symptoms, lifestyle & background information. I can then fully understand your priorities & goals you would like to work toward.  You will then have your first Kinesiology session, which will involve gentle muscle testing using an arm or leg muscle. The muscle test response serves as a feedback system, to understand what your body needs so I can understand the suggestions & homework for you to do away from the clinic, to facilitate positive change. 

How many Kinesiology sessions do I need?

It is recommended to have 3-6 sessions, 2-4 weeks apart to treat the root cause of your symptoms, once identified. In each session we will track your progress & together with your commitment we will get to the root of your symptoms to naturally bring your body back into balance. This of course is a guidance, & we can discuss the optimal spacing between each session. For example taking into consideration leaving enough time to see the benefit of the nutrition recommended. If you are happy with your progress, I recommend a session every 3 months, as a body MOT, since life’s juggles can creep up on us! 

Are the nutritional supplements recommended included?

No, these are an additional cost. I will provide the details of where & what to buy, at a discounted practitioner price. Please note the supplements that are recommended by me have been carefully selected as quality sources of bio-available nutrition. “Bio-available” – means your body can absorb & benefit from the nutrition much easier (mostly food derived nutrition) & you won’t be flushing money away.

Do you diagnose?

In Kinesiology we do not diagnose or replace medical advice but rather work alongside it. Please keep your GP or specialist updated with any new developments. Kinesiology is all about working with your body, as a whole, unique individual. It offers a bespoke treatment to align your body to it’s innate ability to heal, alongside your commitment to do so.

Who can benefit from Kinesiology?

Absolutely everyone. There are no exclusions to age, strength or ability. Muscle testing is very gentle, & in no way is a means to test your strength. You don’t just have to have symptoms to benefit from Kinesiology, for example it is also a resource to you to raise your energy levels, test nutrition to improve your focus, & restore your inner zen.

Do you offer Kinesiology for children?

Yes. Kinesiology is a wonderful way to help address issues with a child’s sleep, digestion, learning, concentration, food sensitivities, low immunity, co-ordination, anxiety & stress. Nutritional & Emotional support is often key to helping support children & Kinesiology can help identify personalised nutrition for your child. Kinesiology uses surrogate testing via a parent/guardian, if the child is too young or unable. If the child is capable of muscle testing, then a surrogate is not required, but still requires your presence. Read more about Kinesiology for Kids here.

Do I need to take my clothes off in a Kinesiology session?

No, you remain fully clothed throughout. If you can, I do recommend to wear comfortable clothes for your session.

What do you charge for a Kinesiology treatment?

Please refer to “All Treatments” to find the cost and details of how much the different treatment options cost, here is a short list:

  • Initial Session  –  £70 (1hr30min)
  • Subsequent Sessions-  £55  (1hr)
  • Block of 3 Sessions, Health Re-set – £165 (3hr30, £15 saving)
  • Children’s Sessions – £40  (45min)
  • Gut Restore Plan – £333
  • Revive Experience – £149
  • Food Sensitivity Testing – £45
  • Supplement Support Testing – £45
  • De-stress & Energy Balance – £45

How can I pay?

You can pay by cash or card or transfer.

What is your Cancellation policy?

More than 24hr notice will incur no fee. Cancellations with less than 24hr notice will incur a 50% fee. In the case of repeated cancellations I will kindly ask for pre-payment in order to confirm your appointment. Cancellations for emergency reasons are excluded from this.

Do you provide gift vouchers for Kinesiology?

Yes. This is a wonderful idea to gift a loved one a restorative Kinesiology session. Please send me an email to arrange:

Where are you based?

I am based in Lubenham.  In close proximity to: Market Harborough, Leicester, Kibworth, Great Glen, Wistow, Foxton, Langtons, Medbourne, Great Bowden, Northampton, Corby & Kettering.