Gut Restore Plan

Gut Restore Plan

Heal your gut, heal your life. Did you know over 70% of your immune system is in your gut? This is exactly why I created the “Gut Restore Plan”. Healing my gut was integral to elevating my health. I have taken all that I have learnt personally in my gut health journey and as a Kinesiologist, to deliver this Gut Restore Plan. This gut health programme is completely unique to you and is 100% natural. It is my role to help heal all aspects of your gut health, both nutritionally, emotionally & physically.

Your gut health is imperative to your long term health and disease prevention. This is a natural gut healing protocol that will serve you for a lifetime.

Are you ready to RESTORE your GUT health and protect your long term health?

The Gut Restore Plan is here to support & realise that for you!
Say YES to restoring healthy bowel movements, more energy, less brain fog and so much more!

Symptoms of a Leaky Gut

What does this Plan include: 

A 4 step bespoke plan to heal your gut by:

→Remove food sensitivities & triggers

→Replace essential nutrient for gut healing

→Re-inoculate with essential digestive enzymes & probiotics

→Repair your gut with dditional nutrition & diet to maintain the gut wall & prevent re-occurrance of leaky gut

This plan also includes:

→4 Kinesiology sessions over 4-5 months

→Food sensitivity testing

→Bespoke supplement & eating plan

→ Progress tracker & Coaching to keep you on track

→A final follow through plan to follow to keep your gut & brain healed & sealed

How to heal leaky gut

How to BOOK & Payment plan:

Total plan cost is valued at £450, but if you pay the deposit today, you pay £333, split over 3 payments

To secure your spot click here to pay a £45 deposit.

(Click on the link, and select £45 Gift card, leave your details, & complete the transaction. I will then get in touch to arrange your first of four sessions)

Then upon your 1st & 2nd session pay the remaining amount in two £144 instalments.

*4hr30 in person or online consultations over 4-5 months


Watch this video to learn what Leaky Gut Syndrome is. Find out if you have leaky gut and how you can heal your leaky gut. You’ll Learn the first steps to put the fire or inflammation out in your unhappy gut….WHY?

….⚡️Long term unchecked inflammation is the root cause of many diseases.

Your symptoms may not be a clear cut link to your gut. For example a symptom like brain fog or anxiety….why….if your gut is breached, your brain barrier is likely to be breached as well, impacting your mental health! If you can heal your leaky gut, you can also heal your leaky brain, also know as a breached blood brain barrier. Learn more here!