Do you have LEAKY GUT?

do you have leaky gut

A question I am sure you have asked yourself since this is a very topical subject. So I’m going to help break it down to address:

What is the Gut & Leaky Gut, Leaky Gut Symptoms, Triggers & Top tips to heal a leaky gut.

What is the gut?

The gut is the gastro-intestinal tract that starts in your mouth & ends in the rectum. That is your mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, & rectum.

What is the Gut’s function?

Simply put the gut’s role is to digest/ break down your food to be able to absorb the nutrients and to excrete the waste products of digestion. It is also really important to note that 70-80% of your immune system is located in your gut (WOW!), so it plays a crucial defence role against pathogens/infections.

When we talk about Leaky gut, we’re focussing on the small intestine.

This is where the majority of THE NUTRIENTS (from your digested food), that comes from the stomach) are absorbed through the gut lining via small holes into your bloodstream, this is your bodies fuel.

Leaky gut is when those small holes have become bigger, and are now allowing harmful substances like undigested food particles, bacteria, toxins into your system, and this is where inflammation, digestive complaints & other symptoms can occur.

Leaky Gut Symptoms

* Digestive system changes
e.g. bloating, diarrhoea, gas, food sensitivities, discomfort/pain
* Fatigue (low energy)
* Mental: feeling low, irritability, depression, anxiety (brain inflammation – leaky brain)
* Skin problems or flares
E.g acne, excema, psoriasis
* Nutritional deficiencies
*Low immunity – susceptible to getting sick easily
* Hormonal imbalances
* Candida
* Other: auto-immune, arthritis

This diagram helps to illustrate a tight junction healthy gut wall vs. a permeable leaky gut wall.

Triggers to cause Leaky Gut: 

A big contributing factor to leaky gut is INFLAMMATION. Inflammation can be caused by:

  • Chronic or constant stress. Being in constant fight/flight mode, lowers your immune system, making it harder for your body to fight off pathogens (eg.colds/flue)
  • Poor diet: if you don’t give your body the fuel it needs it can’t work well. Processed foods/man-made foods, junk/fried food, refined white carbohydrates and sugar are big culprits
  • Food sensitivities (intolerances & allergies): E.g gluten/dairy may cause an inflammatory reaction in your gut
  • Bacterial imbalance
  • Toxicity

4 Top TIPS to support your gut:

  1. Eat the rainbow! Include a variety of natural fresh fibre rich fruit, vegetables, herbs & spices. Chew your food well, take your time, & eat in peace
  2. Cut back on man-made food. Refined carbs, sugar, fried/junk food, excessive alcohol use. Avoid foods that you know cause discomfort like bloating
  3. Reduce your stress & get more sleep – try meditation, getting in nature, exercising, meeting a friend, breath work, gardening
  4. Cut back on your toxins (household, beauty, gardening, fumes- what isn’t natural)- and flush out with plenty of water, mostly drunk away from food

Stick at this for at least 4 weeks, to aid gut healing!

If you are still struggling with your symptoms or putting into practice the tips suggested, Kinesiology can help you! Get in touch, and we can discuss together.

Wishing you a happy, healthy gut.