The 4 Pillars to Health

kinesiology for health

In Kinesiology we focus on 4 pillars that build the foundation to our health. These are our EMOTIONAL health, STRUCTURAL health, NUTRITIONAL health & our ENERGETICAL health.

Each of these pillars are intrinsically related, if one pillar is out of balance it will impact another and vice versa. Imagine each pillar forms each side of a square, and if one side weakens, the others cannot hold in place.

For every symptom you may have it could have several pillar connections. Kinesiology offers a solution, by addressing each pillar to build back one’s vitality.

Let me run you through each pillar & how Kinesiology helps bring balance to each.

Nutrition: Our bodies need fuel to function. Life’s stressors, diet & illness can deplete our body of essential vitamins & minerals. This can leave us feeling exhausted & vulnerable to getting sick.
Kinesiology can help identify the nutrition needed to support & restore the body. Food sensitivity testing & addressing the digestive system can help nutrient absorption in the gut to raise your vitality.

Structural: Injury, accidents, muscle strain, tension, pain, posture, can all physically impact the body. Kinesiology treats each person as a unique individual. Through an analysis I will use gentle structural realignment & massage to release physical stress to re-align & re-balance your body.

Emotional: Emotional stress is detrimental to our health, both mentally & physically, the mind-body link.
By addressing & releasing emotional stressors like fears, phobias, traumas, self-esteem blockages, you can begin to restore inner calm & live life fully & joyfully.

Energetical: Our energy pathways are intrinsically linked to the bodies electrical signalling, which is integral for the body to function & for our overall wellbeing. Electromagnetic frequencies such as from mobiles & WiFi can distrub our natural signals which can impact our health.
Kinesiology can balance your energy pathways & explore tools that can protect you from external frequencies.

Please do watch this video explaining each Pillar to Health:

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