Supplement support testing to improve your health

Supplement Support Testing

Supplement Support Testing

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Supplement testing will identify the specific nutrition (vitamins, minerals & essential fats) that is in your highest interest to take to improve your health and well-being. Supplements recommended are sourced from high quality, bio-available brands.

Navigating a supplement aisle is overwhelming given the overload of trends that bombard our everyday media. In this session I will help find the specific nutrition (vitamins, minerals & essential fats) that is in your highest interest & priority by understanding what system(s) in your body need support. Please bring along existing supplements you are taking to test alongside. 

The cost of the supplements that are in your highest interest and priority to take will be an additional cost. Please note that I only use the highest quality, natural, bio-available nutrition which is available using my practitioner discount.

I advocate that supplements are apart of implementing the foundations to health. They are not a fixer, and should be used to complement a healthier diet and lifestyle to make the most out of their potential to re-vitalise you.

Firstly to say every person is biologically unique, that means each person’s nutritional/supplement needs is individual (eg. you many not need to be taking a probiotic)

2ndly your stressors play a big part, whether that is emotional stress, diet (food) stress, physical stress, or lifestyle stressors….

Stressors deplete us all! Stress has a Big Energy consumption which ZAPS up your vital vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning!

So if you have a high level of stress in your life, your body needs some help, and that additional help can come from specific supplements. You may benefit from stress relief supplements like adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms.

Of course nutritious food will always play a supportive role, but it is a known fact the nutritional profile of food today is much lower than 100 years ago, so in many cases you need supplements for additional support!

I cannot stress this enough, supplements are not all equal, or bio-available or natural which means you are literally flushing your ££’s down the toilet, as your body cannot absorb them!

This is why Supplement Support Testing is so important to have if you want to support your health but you don’t know what to take & where to buy them from!

Experience it for yourself & stop guessing:
→ You will find out exactly which supplements are right for YOU
→ Peace of mind the supplements are of high quality & Natural
→ Receive my practitioner discount

High quality Nutrition bespoke to your Nutritional needs
I will help you find the Nutrition you need, and is in your highest interest and priority