Wellness Workshop

Wellness Workshop

Realise greater focus, energy & happiness to reach your potential with the Wellness Workshop with Karen Mason of Kamala Kinesiology

Wellness Workshop: Raise your Vitality. Realise your Potential.

The Wellness Workshop is now available for corporate & well-being day bookings in-person, or online!
This well-being workshop is ideal for the workplace, or your online community to invest in their health & well-being. So in turn they can raise their vitality and realise their potential by having the energy, focus and motivation to achieve their goals.

I will guide them through the wellbeing foundations, & tools, to increase their energy, focus, sleep quality, de-stress and a technique to release limiting beliefs. By helping them to take empowering steps to invest in their health, they are able to overcome any blockages that could be holding back their potential. Take this time to invest in YOUR team! 

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Here are further details:

Karen of Kamala Kinesiology is going to guide you through the key foundations for improving your health & happiness. As without these foundations in place, they become a roadblock to realising our life goals & aspirations.

In this workshop you will:
?Learn the pillars that define our Health

?Receive handouts & worksheets for your bespoke plan
?Discover Kinesiology techniques to increase your energy, focus & sleep
?Create an Accountability group to keep you supported & motivated

Karen is a Systematic Kinesiologist who helps individuals realise their health & emotional goals using natural nutrition & holistic techniques.

“I am so excited to share this workshop with you! These foundations have been transformational in my health journey & I know it will be powerful for you too. This really is the workshop I wished I’d been to when working in corporate!”

This is going to be wonderful workshop, that will help you to feel supported with a great toolbox to continue your health journey!

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Corporate Well-being workshop UK - Raise your team's Potential
Corporate Well-being workshop UK – Raise your team’s Potential!
Corporate Well-being workshop UK.  Raise your team's Potential.
Workshop to support mental health.
A snippet of this wonderful and empowering Wellness Workshop with Karen of Kamala Kinesiology.
A detailed insight into the content shared in the Wellness Workshop with Karen, a Natural Health Kinesiologist.