5 Simple Steps to improve your health and well-being

Healthy Brain

Life is super busy right? 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes Mondays roll around and I can’t fully recall what we’ve even done on the weekend! And so with all this busyness & ‘soldier on’ mentality, we rarely take a moment to assess where we are at with are health & happiness.

So are you ready for some reflection? 

Let’s run through acronym B.R.A.I.N, and write down 5 actionable steps you can take to invest in your health & happiness! As without a healthy happy brain, we aren’t living to our fullest!

#1. B  –  is for Beliefs

Sometimes when the going gets tough, we can face a victim mentality. 

Why me? Who to blame? And re-playing damaging thoughts that pull us down.

Do they serve us? A resounding NO! Can we choose a different outlook? Absolutely YES!

For me, I choose to believe I am worthy of living my best life, I deserve happiness, love & bucketfuls of belly laughter.

So now ask yourself: What do I want to believe about my life?

You can help re-train your brain by repeating this to yourself in the morning & evening

#2. R  –  is for Rest & Rejuvenate

Reflect on a poor nights sleep. How was your mood & function the following day?

For me, it’s all a bit downhill. The fact is during our sleep, our brains are literally detoxing via the glymphatic system and we need about 8 hours to re-boot. So just like our phones need re-charging, we need sleep to re-charge too!

For example: try avoid screen time an hour before bed. Use this time to have a relaxing bath, or reading a book before bed in dimmed lighting. This is a great way to signal to your brain, you are slowly shutting down, ready for sleep!

? time:  What bedtime routine/environment can you create to boost your sleep duration & quality? 

A  – for Active

There are 2 tiers to think about here. 1. Being physically active &  2. Being mentally active.

If boosting your mood, focus, & energy appeals to you, then really engage in creative ways to explore these two tiers. It is honestly a no brainer!

Both tiers have to interest you, or light you up, and make you feel good….so stay in tune with how you feel afterwards. Thinking about it brings no credit here folks, you actually have to do it. 

Personally I love variety. So a mix across the week of  yoga, dog walking, gardening, a run and then mentally active wise:  using an APP like Luminosity or the game Banagrams/(attempting) Sudoku!

So….What could you explore each day to challenge yourself both physically & mentally?

TIP: Explore these ideas in the morning, when our motivation is highest. And for an extra boost, get yourself outdoors & into nature if you can!

I  –  Irrigation

Water is life. On a cellular level, it is integral to our health & wellbeing, so let’s all make the effort to stay hydrated! 

Try to drink up to 2L of water throughout the day. Ideally away from food & filtered if you can.

As a reformed cuppa O’many a coffee to get me through the day, this action step has really transformed my adrenal fatigue, brain fog & energy!

So here is your action step: I am going to try to drink more pure water!

N  –  Nourish

This could be a chapter in itself but let’s keep it simple as Hippocrates so insightfully said:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Easier said than done, I know, especially in the cooler months. I personally never connected the dots with what I consumed vs. how I felt both physically & mentally. But once I switched to a rainbow diet of natural foods, with healthier treats, I was really struck how it improved my energy & especially my skin (the window to our inner health).

So answer this….

What nutrient poor foods (eg.processed/man-made) could you kick to the curb? And which fruit/veg that you like can you eat more of?

Ps. I have focused on food here, but please feel free to explore what ‘nourish’ means to you beyond diet eg. your relationships, personality, habits, friends, family

A little footnote for you!

Be kind to yourself, stay curious, and don’t beat yourself up if your ideas don’t quite go to plan. The measure is always in dusting yourself off, and to keep trying until all the incredible hard work sticks (according to research, just 3 weeks to break habits that ill serve us) uniq product nail place instock looks

If you feel you could benefit from further support, Kinesiology is a wonderful way to help you! It can unlock any motivational/emotional blockages, as well as realise nutritional & structural support that can help you to achieve optimal health & happiness. Please do get in touch! karen@kamalakinesiology.com

Strength & happy vibes to you all,