How to Build Resilience to Realise Your Dreams

naturally build resilience

If you feel a sense of overwhelm or defeat over your new year, goals and aspirations, you’re not alone. It is human nature to reflect on what we’re not doing, and create a superhuman new year, new me transformation list that feels empowering at the time, but putting it into action with life’s demands can feel impossible.

If this resonates, then I’d love to share a few “back to basics” to help you move forward in a more gentle, harmonious journey. You absolutely do deserve your hopes & aspirations but if your foundations are shakey, it will feel like a hard arduous slog to get there.

I’m here to ask you about your resilience.

How is yours resilience to stress?
How is your resilience to illness?
How is your resilience to being judgemental?
How is your resilience against negative self talk or self-loathing?

It’s worth a moment of reflection, as I genuinely believe if we all take small steps to build greater resilience/ a strong foundation…..…

You will be more aligned to take positive action on your aspirations that excite & energise you!

This is not about focusing on what you’re not doing, It’s about adding in small (achievable) steps that add value, and feel like it will make a positive impact in your life.

Ultimately we can’t strive for our dreams & goals if we’re feeling flat/stressed/low/ unwell!

Grab your journal/diary/post it notes & choose 3 things today from each category
that you can answer a “YES” to if you can stick to adding these actions in your life for 3 weeks….

Then in 3 weeks time, review what has stuck, and challenge yourself to build in more of it’s a resounding YES…
Side note (this is a guide, you are welcome to customise, but it has to be adding in, not removing!)


1.Building physical resilience
*First thing when you wake up, take 5 to 10 minutes to MOVE
EG: Stretch, Squats, Yoga, 7 min HIT, Rebounder, Star Jumps
*End of the day: 10 minutes of movement (EG. walk outside, as above, bonus: add a friend!)
*When desk bound: MOVE every 20mins (eg, stretch, toilet break, make a cuppa)
*Once a week or a month: take a class to move

2.Building emotional resilience:
This is all about nurturing self love and self-worth with words & actions.
In moments of negative self-talk, judgment, dismissal…..ASK What can I say/do to pause this EG:
*Say out aloud or in your head, use what resonates
“I am worthy”;
“I love myself”;
“I am loved”
“I deserve __

*Acts of self love:
EG: x2+ a week to have a luxury bath (epsom salts. lavender, book, music);
– A monthly holistic therapy to help nourish my body (I deserve!).

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3.Building energy resilience
This is all about nourishing your body, eg’s:
*Start morning with warm water & squeeze of lemon (great detoxer!)
*Comforting herbal tea before bed
*Screen free zone at least 30mins-1hr before bed
*Go to bed at the same time each night
*Make a Nourishing soup on the weekend
*Supportive smoothie recipe
*Weekly vegetable heavy stew, I can then take to lunch
*Take dinner leftovers for lunch x3 a week ( make a bit more dinner!)

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Yours in health,

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