Are your Stress Levels Making you ill?

Is stress making you ill

Let’s talk about how Stress is impacting your body

It almost seems impossible to escape the reality that everyone is facing increased stress levels. Be it the current economic situation, strikes, or financial fears, the list of stress sources appears to be endless. You only have to watch the news or listen to the radio, and you might feel your anxiety levels rise! Now this is WHY I wanted to raise the subject. The fact of the matter is that …

Our bodies were never designed to be in this constant state of stress

This is known as chronic stress. And it is chronic stress that can manifest as physical illness. Acute stress is different this is a peak period of stress eg. running to catch your bus. Take a look at the image below, do any of these chronic stress symptoms show in your life? Poor Digestion, Chronic fatigue, Muscle tension, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Headaches.

is stress making you ill
How stress can make you ill

How do you know if you are in a state of chronic stress?

This can feel like you are constantly on alert, or in fight or flight mode, and it is difficult to relax. Many people say it is like having a constant knot in your stomach. Your muscles are tense (especially your shoulders or neck) and this can all be a sign of being in a low grade or high grade of constant stress.

What is the difference between chronic and acute stress?

Acute stress is a short term stress is actually a good thing (for example, to keep us safe, run away from that tiger ???? or hunt or deliver that presentation!) but we are designed to then shift into a rest phase, calm/zen, and this is when you should be digesting food!

If we don’t shift to this rest phase, and continue the stress alert, you are in a chronic stress state. Why is this so important to recognise and take action to avoid chronic stress. That is because it can deplete our energy, our immune system and you can hit burnout or another way I see it…

Your adrenals are waving a white flag, saying HELP! Adrenal Fatigue!

This state of play has become so normal, I hate to admit it, but in my 20’s I actually equated being stressed all the time as productive, gulp! Adrenal fatigue is a serious issue when it comes to hitting perimenopause & menopause as your adrenals take over the sex hormone production. So if your adrenals are not in a good place, your menopause experience is going to be challenging!

So what can you do to turn the tides on chronic stress, well if you know its about time to tackle, here are….

4 steps to help tackle your Chronic STRESS

STEP 1. Start to recognise when you are getting stressed or in the state of stress ????….. if you don’t know when you can’t do something about it.

STEP 2. Take a moment to BREATHE, deeply that is, and slowly through your nose…..this is a signal to your brain ???? to calm down

STEP 3Distract – even if for 5 mins, go for a quick walk, draw, close your eyes to switch off, do something to halt the stress from escalating

This will give you a little space for clarity, and help halt the spiral into what can feel like panic mode. Ultimately with a bit of space and clarity you can choose again, since you absolutely don’t wasn’t stress to impact your health!

And finally I’ll leave you with a great affirmation I like to tell clients if they are struggling with chronic stress. So as soon as you feel the stress building, say out aloud or in your head “I DO NOT DO STRESS” repeat 10x, alongside 10 deep inhales and exhales.

Saying this stress relieving affirmation alongside take Bach Rescue remedy, is HIGHLY recommended!

Are you ready to tackle your chronic stress?

I would love to support you in tackling your long term stress, your health depends on it. If you feel called to do so, here are the details of the de-stress treatment: De-stress & Energy Balance

For a more in depth treatment to address the root causes of your stress, triggers and nutritional support to help your body be more resilient to stress, I recommend 3 sessions, that you receive a discount to. This is called the Reset Your Health, click on the link to read further details.