Take Action Today to Prevent Cognitive Decline

prevent cognitive decline today

Rather alarmingly in America the stats of Alzheimer’s disease (the most common cause of Dementia) are projected to double by 2050. We all know of a friend or family member who has been robbed by this devastating disease, and so it really is time now for us all to take steps to invest in our brain health, why? 

You be might be surprised that the Alzheimers switch doesn’t always just flick on at a certain age.

Which is why I am so passionate to share this with you, as these projections are reversible if the right actions are implemented early enough (read till the end!).

Side note: your genes are not your destiny!

Please don’t panic, inflammation is a natural part of healing, but what I am talking about is chronic inflammation, where your body is in a constant fight the fire mode.

A few warning signs can be:

????Brain Fog
????Memory challenges
????Anxiety, Depression, Emotionally sensitive
????Digestive complaints

Each person’s root cause or reason behind their symptoms is unique. This is why I love Kinesiology.

Today there appears to be a “pill for every ill” but in majority these pills are masking the symptoms, they are still there. Which is why it is imperative to get to the bottom of any symptom, especially when it comes to brain health symptoms. Symptoms are a clever way of your body saying..

It is not your body failing you, in fact its a wonderful way to view it as, its time to investigate my symptom X,Y,Z. So let’s get into a few foundations to set you up for better brain health…..

1. Eat to nourish your GUT ???? ????

A common root cause of cognitive decline is leaky gut, which is often the cause of leaky brain. In addition up to 70% of the Immune System lies in the gut, isn’t that amazing!

The best thing for your GUT, is to limit high sugar, processed man-made food & fried food. Eat as naturally as possible.

Meals balanced with natural protein, healthy fat & carb sources together with a rainbow of fruit & vegetables will love your brain! Learn more about GUT health here.

2. Hydrate your BRAIN ????

Every cell in your body needs water to do it’s job. The same goes for your brain, it cannot be at it’s best if you are not drinking enough. So aim for up to 2L of water throughout the day.

3. Move ????????‍♀️

We are designed to move. Being deskbound all day, is not good for our overall health. So try this..
Aim to move every 20 minutes. Set an alarm, grab some water or a herbal tea….
and try finish your day with a walk outside to de-compress.

4. Prioritise SLEEP ????

Your body is literally cleaning itself when you sleep. Poor sleep due to late nights, or too much screen time can wreck our long term health.

Give your brain a chance to detox with prioritising sleep. The best way to do this is….

Carve out a relaxing screen free bedtime routine, and stick to a consistent bedtime.

Of course there are many more, which I am happy to help support you with. The gut and brain are my absolute passion, as what you do now, is a window into your long term gut & brain health.

If you would like further detail on my sessions I run, as well as the Gut Restore Plan, click here.

I use Kinesiology to naturally address all aspects of your health to find the root cause/s impacting your gut & brain health. I will find the bespoke solutions for you, so you can begin your journey back to thrive!
This can include:

????Food Sensitivity Testing
????Microbiome support
????Stress Relief & Tools
????A Sleep Plan
????Anti-oxidant Support
????Nourshing Food Plan & Natural high quality Supplements
????Gut valve & Vagus Nerve check
????Movements to Detox

Wishing you all great energy to start taking action toward preventing cognitive decline.

karen the kinesiologist